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At Oracle Hearing we offer a wide range of hearing aids. This includes different brands, different styles and types, and also different levels of technology. During the process of getting your hearing aids fitted, we can talk to you about the various technology features and your options.

We have a range of hearing aid options, to suit different hearing requirements and budgets. This includes entry level, mid level and advanced technology options. We supply and fit all the main brands including Phonak, ReSound, Signia, Oticon, plus other brands.

As there are so many options available, we recommend that you visit our Upper Hutt or Carterton clinic and discuss your options in person. We offer a free, no obligation consult for you to discuss your hearing aid options.

As part of our service, we can help you access funding for your hearing aids from participating NZ agencies.

We offer a free, no obligation, consultation for you to talk to us about your hearing aid requirements and options.

Selecting the technology level to meet your requirements

As a guide, the technology within the various models of hearing aids can be grouped into 3 levels, from Level 1 (Entry Level) through to Level 3 (Top Level). The prices shown below are the amount you will need to pay, once the Govt subsidy ($1022.22) has been approved. In essence, our prices are those showing amount to pay after the Govt subsidy. Be assured that across the various technology levels of hearing aids, the size, style, and appearance are similar. The main difference is the level of technology. The choice is yours!

Entry Level

$448 – $2,430 per pair*

These hearing aids are very suitable for everyday requirements, using modern technology. Be assured, with the budget range of hearing aids, it does not mean they are either big or ugly. The entry level range simply refers to the level of technology being incorporated into the hearing aid.



$3,120 – $5,880 per pair*

These hearing aids include some additional technology features, to provide greater hearing support in more challenging environments. They offer stronger support for managing background noise and social groups and public settings.


$6,570 – $8,870 per pair*

These advanced hearing aids provide further support and are ideal for those wanting optimum hearing, especially in managing background noise, having optimum hearing in groups of people, and social locations, e.g. cafes, crowded places. These hearing aids also have more options to customise sound quality.

All three levels of hearing aids can connect to smartphones. You should discuss with your audiologist what your phone may be able to do. This includes seeing if your mobile phone is able to stream phone calls and music with your intended hearing aids, and has a remote-control feature to adjust volume and settings.

* Please Note: Prices shown are the amounts to pay after the Govt subsidy

What is the cost of your most economical hearing aids?

We have a range of entry-level hearing aids, which are small, modern and discreet. Our most economical hearing aids will cost you $448 after the Govt subsidy. They are available in Receiver-In-the- Ear, or custom made, including CIC, ITC and ITE models. BTE models may require custom moulds at an additional cost of $230.00 per pair.

Do you offer rechargeable hearing aids?

Yes, we do. We have a range of brands and price points for hearing aids with rechargeable batteries. Our most economical rechargeable hearing aids would cost you $1508 after the Govt subsidy. The price stated includes the charger.

What are your options regarding ‘mid-technology level’ hearing aids?

There are many quality brands that provide a mid-level of technology. We supply and fit many hearing aids at this level. There are a number of options, including rechargeable hearing aids. As an indicative price, a mid-technology level rechargeable hearing aid would cost $4,498 after Govt subsidy.

What are the standard Govt Funding options?

If you are eligible, there is the standard Ministry of Health subsidy of $1022.22 to help with the purchase of your hearing aids.

In addition, if your hearing loss was impaired due to work or an accident, there is also ACC funding. With ACC, if your claim for a noise induced hearing loss is approved, we have a range of hearing aids that would be available to you at no cost. ACC funding ranges from $3100 – $4900.

Veterans’ Affairs also helps eligible members of the services with funding for hearing aids.

Have the hearing aids changed considerably over recent years?

Yes, they have. The level of technology, style, features and options have improved considerably. The changes are aimed at providing higher sound quality especially in noisy places. You now have the choice of different models, different colours, and budget levels. Following your hearing test, we will discuss with you the options that will best meet and support your hearing requirements, budget and cosmetic preferences.

We see a range of different hearing aids available at different prices, are they all the same?

No, not really. Hearing aids are available in a wide range of technology options. Some hearing aids use the latest, best technology available, and others may use slightly less advanced technology; and this is generally reflected in the price.

What else to keep in mind when considering your hearing aids?

  • It’s important to remember that hearing aids are not a consumer electronics item. Consequently, they don’t lend themselves well to a direct price comparison across different audiology providers and hearing aid companies.
  • Also, the exact same hearing aid fitted to different individuals, can provide very different levels of user satisfaction.
  • Hearing aids and their users may require ongoing care and support over the future years, as their hearing prescription and requirements change.

You can compare prices, but we feel that you will be better off visiting a hearing care provider, and seeing if you are happy to work with them over a period of time.

Is it true that the better the technology level, the better the sound quality?

Yes, as a general statement, the better the technology level, the better the sound quality. But we do emphasise that individual outcomes will vary. For some people, their auditory system is unable to make full use of the hearing aid signals being sent, and this can affect the performance and outcome. Hence, it is important to have a discussion with us about the suitable options to meet your specific hearing requirements.

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Please note: For all hearing aids fitted, individual experiences will vary.

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