Earwax removal using micro-suction

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What is earwax?

Earwax (also called ‘Cerumen’) is a natural part of a healthy body. For some, however their body may create a greater amount of earwax, and it may build up in presence in their ear canals.

When the build-up gets to the point of providing discomfort or compromising hearing, that’s when it’s important to safely and effectively remove the excess of earwax. For some, the earwax also can become more compacted within the ear canal, requiring greater care to carefully and effectively clean out the ear canal.

At Oracle Hearing we can quickly and easily remove your ear wax within a standard 30-minute appointment. For heavily compacted earwax, you may be required to attend a follow-up appointment to complete the treatment.

Symptoms that indicate
you might need our service

The presence and a level of build-up of earwax is perfectly normal, and it is all part of a healthy body. However, if you are experiencing any of the following, this may indicate that the level of earwax within one or both of your ear canals may be obstructing or compromising your hearing. Symptoms include:

  • Difficulty with hearing some noises and conversations.
  • Build-up of pressure or discomfort within the ear.
  • Noticing some tingling or internal ‘ringing’ noises within one or both ears, indicating the possibility of tinnitus.
  • A feeling of itchiness or internal ear irritation.

Safe and effective ear cleaning using micro-suction

Our standard appointments are just 30 minutes

We provide treatment for persons 16 years of age and older

Experienced technicians, using specialist micro-suction equipment

Your appointment on the day

Removing your earwax day is normally completed within our standard 30-minute appointment. For most, it’s quick and easy, and depending on the level of earwax and how compacted the wax is, it is normally completed within 5 – 20 minutes.

If you have heavily compacted earwax, it may require a bit of loosening to extract it. If this occurs, we suggest using 3- 4 drops olive oil in the affected ear/s for the next 3 days. This lets the oil soften up the earwax, making it easy to then remove, during the follow up appointment. 

If you have or suspect a perforated ear drum or an ear infection, please do not use any olive oil or fluid in your ears apart from what a medical practitioner has prescribed.

On the day

  • We will ask you a few initial questions about your hearing, what you are noticing, for how long, and any other relevant questions regarding your hearing health.
  • We will explain to you the process and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will also ask you to sign our standard consent form, prior to commencing the procedure.

Earwax removal is a simple and easy procedure that can usually be completed in just a single 30-minute appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you feel any discomfort or pain?

Some people may note an odd sensation, which usually feels like gentle vacuum cleaner working on your ear canal. It’s a mild type of sensation and would be best described as a mild level of feeling and/or discomfort.

Do you use specialised equipment?

 Yes, we do, and with our specialist equipment we have a range of options regarding fittings and/or sizes to suit different ears. We choose the approach and option for your circumstance and level of earwax.

How often do you need to have your ears cleaned?

The level of frequency and need for earwax removal is completely personal and varies from one person to another. For some, this may need to be undertaken 3-monthly, yet for others it may be a one-off treatment with a low likelihood of reoccurring. Some people never need to have this done. It completely depends on your body, and its production of earwax.

Is this a safe method?

Yes, using micro-suction is a safe method for removing earwax. It is safer than ear syringing using water. Furthermore, we highly discourage any person sticking an item into their ear canal, like using earbuds or other types of items. However, like any medical procedure, there is always the slight possibility of complications, and we will outline these to you on the day of the procedure. This is all part of our service, to provide a professional and comprehensive level of care.

Can I do an earwax removal before doing a hearing test?

Yes, we provide the full service on site at our two clinics. We offer our micro-suction earwax removal service along with a full hearing test. This makes it easier for you. With us you can organise both to be on the same day, i.e. booking your earwax removal treatment just before your full hearing test. Simply let us know when you are booking these in, and we will arrange the appointments appropriately.


Will the sound of the micro-suction instrument damage my hearing?

The sound of the micro suction instrument in the ear can be quite loud, the duration of exposure to this noise is relatively very short. Damage to hearing due to exposure to loud noise occurs after prolonged exposure and develops over many years or extremely loud noise like a gunshot. The machine does not make sound loud enough to damage hearing in the duration of the procedure.

Initial Appointment | Treatment of one or both ears

$35 or $65 respectively

Follow-up Appointment after the 3 day wax softening


Initial Appointment, With no treatment required


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