Hearing well is integral to our well-being. It allows us to communicate with the people around us, and connects us to our environment. Hearing loss can happen due to several factors, the most common of which is ageing and the other is exposure to loud noise.

An untreated hearing loss may be detrimental to our health.It can lead to a sense of isolation and reduced social contact. It can significantly affect the quality of life.

Types of hearing loss.

Sensorineural hearing loss:  This kind of  a hearing loss occurs when there is a deterioration in the hearing mechanism in the cochlea or the neural pathway from the ear to the brain. It can occur due to several reasons including ageing, trauma including exposure to loud noise, some medication and other inherited conditions.

Conductive hearing loss:  This kind of hearing loss is a deterioration of the hearing mechanism that transmits sound from the environment to the cochlea. It can occur due to ear infections, trauma, problems in the bones of the middle ear and some inherited conditions. A conductive hearing loss can also be caused by blockage of the ear canal due to a buildup of wax.

Mixed hearing loss: When a person has a combination of a sensorineural and conductive hearing loss, it is called a mixed hearing loss.

Severity of hearing loss: The severity of a hearing loss is classified by the intensity at which various frequencies of sound are heard. The typical classification structure is as follows :

Normal hearing – Slight hearing loss – Mild hearing loss – Moderate hearing loss – Moderately severe hearing loss – Severe hearing loss –  Profound hearing loss.

Testing your hearing

A Hearing assessment or hearing test as it is called, identifies the type and severity of hearing loss. The testing begins with a series of questions about your hearing and the difficulties that you are experiencing, followed by a series of tests. At the end of the tests we will discuss the results you and plan a course of action in consultation with you.

Free hearing check will identify if you have a hearing loss and may serve as a baseline to monitor your hearing and decide whether further testing is recommended.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Types of hearing loss

Untreated hearing loss has been associated with a wide range of likely psycho-social difficulties and cognitive disorders.

It’s not only about hearing conversations. Hearing allows us to experience events around the corner out of visual range,and to be connected to our environment. It can be about hearing the wind rustle through the leaves, or the sounds of birds chirping in the backyard or the clickty-click of the turning indicator of your car, or even the tick-tock of an alarm clock.

Generally, because a hearing loss progresses slowly, these sounds, and one’s memory of them begin to fade ever so gradually. Often people forget about them.

Until they put on a well-fitted pair of hearing aids!

Oh, the smiles we see.