Other services

Ear wax removal by micro-suctioning

Earwax is a natural secretion of the ear canal, and having some amount of earwax is quite normal. However, a build-up of ear wax can cause a blocked sensation, discomfort and reduced hearing. We remove ear wax by micro-suctioning. Our trained audiologist will examine your ears using head-mounted loupe glasses and remove the wax using a low pressure suction device. The process generally lasts a few minutes.

Hearing aid repairs, ear-moulds & batteries

  • Minor repairs, like re-tubing, can be carried out in our clinic
  • For other repairs we can arrange for your hearing aids to be sent to their manufacturers
  • We can also obtain impressions to make new ear-moulds
  • We also stock standard battery sizes: 10 (yellow), 312 (brown),13 (orange) & 675 (blue).

Hearing aid accessories

Modern hearing aids will connect to a range of devices that can assist in hearing better. These can include remote controls, remote microphones and wireless links to televisions and telephones.

Some of the latest hearing aids can be connected to and controlled via smartphones.

Ear protection

We can obtain impressions of your ears and have custom protection made specifically for your ears.

  • Musicians’ ear plugs
  • Swimmers’ ear plugs
  • Sleep plugs
  • Solid Hearing-protection plugs
  • Communication earpieces